MV Aerial Bundled Cable

Aerial bundled cables are mainly used for secondary overhead lines on poles or as feeders to residential premises.

We supply Medium Voltage Aerial Bundle Cables, in voltages of 6.35/11kV, 12.7/22kV and 19/33kV. Manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-2, we also have variants made specifically to Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 3599 Part 1. In addition to the XLPE insulation, these higher voltage cables are sheathed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). They are available with and without additional screening, in light and heavy duty copper wire or tape, depending on the installation parameters and requirements.

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    Conductor: Round, Aluminium Conductor
    Conductor Screen: Extruded semi-conductive layer.
    Insulation: XLPE
    insulation Screen: Extruded semi-conductive layer.
    metallic Screen(optional): Copper wire screen or copper tape screen.
    Separator: Semi-conductive swellable tape.
    Outer Sheath: HDPE.
    Messager wire: Galvanized steel wires.
    Assembly: Three XLPE insulated screened cores are bundled around the galvanized steel wires in a right hand lay.
    MV Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Cables Application:
    Aerial bundled cables are mainly used for secondary overhead lines on poles or as feeders
    to residential premises.

    The Function of messenger wire:
    A) It acts as load bearing wire.
    B) It acts as earth or neutral conductor

    Aerial Bundle Cables, often mentioned as Aerial Bundled Conductors or just ABC, are cables for overhead line power, so involved combining multiple single core cables together. With applications including temporary power distribution to street lighting and secondary pole-to-pole service cables, they’re lightweight stranded aluminium conductors, both single core and multi-cores. Whilst Aerial Bundle Cables are utilized in rural power distribution in some countries, they’re more commonly utilized in temporary power installations like on construction sites. As insulated cables they’re often preferred to reveal conductors which are installed and separated by air gaps but where sparks and shorts within the event of high winds may cause resulting bushfires in dry climates or risk nearby property. The XLPE insulation material, and where relevant the sheathing material, allows the ABC to be tightly bundled together – additional steel wire supports almost like those in ACSR also can be incorporated as catenary wires .

    Our customers have covered more than 50 countries. Export regions include Europe, North America, North Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.


    We certificate by ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015,OHSAS 18001 ,CCC Certificate ,UL certificate and so on.


    We provide seaworthy cable packing, wooden drum/wooden-steel drum/ steel drum and etc, cable length can be designed according to customer needs.

    We have a complete quality control system, advanced laboratory equipment, to ensure that every batch of goods sent to customers meets the quality requirements. Meanwhile, we accept testing requirements from customers and third-party testing agencies.

    We believe that an excellent professional team is the best guarantee for quality service!

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