Aerial Bundle Cable

Aerial Bundle Cable

ABC cable is an overhead cable and is commonly used for overhead distribution in place of traditional overhead distribution systems with bare conductors. ABC cable is also a low-voltage cable that provides higher levels of safety and reliability, lower power losses, and ultimately system economy by reducing installation, maintenance, and operation costs.Aerial Bundle Cable

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1kV bundle overhead cable system (Low Voltage Aerial Bundle Cable).The main cable is composed of four cables twisted into bundles, and the insulation is XLPE. The electrical and mechanical properties of the bundle line are similar to the overhead insulated line.

LV Aerial Bundled CableLV Aerial Bundled Cable

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MV ABC cables or Aerial bundled cables, also referred to as aerial bundled conductors, are several phase conductors that are tightly bundled together and insulated with bare neutral conductors. The common application of those ABC cables is to be used in overhead power lines.

MV Aerial Bundled Cable

MV Aerial Bundled Cable

Our all aluminum cable products are sold all over the world

The technology of cluster overhead lines is mature, and the economic benefits are obvious in the long run. Especially in the power grid transformation of big cities, because of its small space, the effectiveness of its application will be more obvious; In the current transformation of rural power grid, the use of cluster cable will bring a series of benefits, such as cost reduction, easy installation and maintenance, anti stealing electricity and so on.

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