What is the difference between “wire and cable”?

Generally, we call wires and cables wires and cables. “Wire and cable” refers to materials used for power, electrical and related transmission purposes. There is no strict boundary and accurate and fixed conceptual distinction between “wire” and “cable”... Read more

Common sense of multi strand copper core flexible cable

VV, the full name is PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as soft sheath. The wire used in RVV is composed of multiple strands of thin copper wire, i.e. RV wire. RVV flexible cable can not only twist insulated cores with the same nominal cross-sectional area together, but also t... Read more

What is the difference between single core cable and multi-core cable?

Single core or multi-coreMulti core cable or single core cable is better. The difference between single core cable and multi-core cable. Power cables are generally divided into single core, double core and three core cables. Single core cable refers to that there is only one conductor in one ins... Read more

Coaxial cable knowledge explanation

Coaxial cable refers to a cable with two concentric conductors, and the conductor and shielding layer share the same axis. The most common coaxial cable is composed of central conductor, insulating material layer, shielding layer composed of mesh fabric and external isolation material layerAppli... Read more

Insulation type of aluminum alloy cable

At present, aluminum alloy cables are developing very rapidly in China, but we rarely see relevant articles on the selection of aluminum alloy cables. This time, we will talk about the selection principles of insulation types and sheath types of aluminum alloy ACSR Cables. Selection of c... Read more

What is a control cable

Control cables are relatively common among the cables, but many people have a little knowledge of its implementation standards, models and other related information. Below is the relevant information about control cables. Let’s take a look! The executive standard of the control cable:Exec... Read more

Rated voltage of cable and number of cable cores

Selection conditions for 1-5 core cables of 1kV and belowsingle-core cableFor circuits with long lines and large working current or underwater laying, in order to avoid or reduce intermediate joints, or when single core cables have better comprehensive technical economy than multi-core cables, s... Read more

Difference between power cable and control cable

The difference between the Executive Standards of power cables and control cables: the standard of control cables is gb/t 9330, and the standard of power cables is gb/t 12706. The difference between the color of the cable core of power cable and control cable: the color of the insulated core of ... Read more

The main performance of ABC cable

ABC Cable is a bundled overhead line, which belongs to bare wires. ABC cable is suitable for transmission lines and distribution lines with a rated voltage of 0.6/1KV. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, tourism development areas and rural areas or other places where the cost of laying und... Read more

What is TRVV drag chain cable in AAAC cable

When the equipment unit needs to move back and forth, in order to prevent the AAAC Cables from being entangled, worn, pulled off, hanging and scattered, the cables are often placed in the cable drag chain to protect the cable, and the cable can also move back and forth with the drag chain. A spe... Read more

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