What are the important performance indicators of cables?

Cables are products used to transmit electrical energy, information and realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy. When purchasing cables, you need to consider whether the quality of the ABC Cables can meet your needs. The following are several important indicators that need to be paid at... Read more

PV Cable selection specification and key points

Relevant standards and specifications for PV Cable selection DL /T 5044-2004 Electric Power Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB 50217 Code for Design of Electric Power Engineering Cables Main technical requirements The DC power supply circuit should use a t... Read more

The characteristics and application fields of ABC Cables

The so-called ABC Cable is relative to the cable, that is, the line where the wire is erected at a certain height by the tower to transmit electric energy. The ground insulation of overhead lines of high-voltage transmission and distribution networks is generally based on air. In the past, distr... Read more

The method of high-altitude repair for broken strands of ACSR

ACSR is made of twisted aluminum wire and steel wire, suitable for overhead transmission lines. The inside of it is a steel core, and the outside is twisted with aluminum wires around the steel core; the steel core mainly plays the role of increasing the strength, and the aluminum stranded wire ... Read more

Characteristics of bare stranded conductor

1 conceptBare stranded conductor is the process of twisting several single wires together according to certain directions and rules to form a whole core. 2 features2.1 Good flexibilityBroadly speaking, the thinner the wire, the more flexible it is. Stranded wire is made up of many thin metal w... Read more

About how concentric cables work

Working principle of concentric cable: The concentric cable is divided into four layers from the inside to the outside: the center copper wire (single-strand solid wire or multi-strand wire), plastic insulator, mesh conductive layer and wire sheath, and the center copper wire and mesh conducti... Read more

Huaxing Cable——New Material Aluminum Alloy Solar Cable

On May 24, the 16th (2023) SNIEC Global Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition opened in Shanghai. As the most influential international, professional and large-scale solar cable industry exhibition, this exhibition has attracted more than 3,000 enterprises from 95 countries and regions around t... Read more

Huaxing Cable won the title of “specialized, special and new”

Good News Forge ahead and write a new chapter—congratulations to our company for winning the honorary title of provincial “specialized, special and new” enterprise Recently, according to the “Interim Measures for the Gradient Cultivation and Management of High-quality Small... Read more

Advantages of PVC Insulated Wire

PVC Insulated Wire (hereinafter referred to as PVC) insulation material is a mixture of stabilizers, plasticizers, flame retardants, lubricants and other additives added to PVC powder. According to different applications and different characteristic requirements of wire and cable, its formula is... Read more

Safety requirements when using wire and cables

Wire and cables are generally rope-like cables twisted by several wires or groups of wires. Each group of wires is insulated from each other and is often twisted around a center. The entire outside is covered with a highly insulating coating. Most of them are erected in the air or installed unde... Read more

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