Aluminum alloy non-sheathed fixed wiring products

Aluminum alloy cables have been vigorously promoted by the industry, and their superiority has been widely recognized by users and design units. Cable companies have also launched and are sweeping. What’s more, the aluminum alloy non-sheathed fixed wiring has been … Read more

The difference between single-core cable and three-core cable

Combined with practical applications, the difference between single-core cables and three-core cables in high-voltage overhead cables is analyzed from the scope of application, surrounding environment, manufacturing and transportation, construction and installation, operation and price. One,Scope of application and laying environment … Read more

Electrical properties of AAC

1. Cable current carrying capacity When the cross-sectional area of ​​the aluminum alloy conductor is 1.5 times that of copper, the electrical properties of the aluminum alloy conductor and the copper conductor are the same, and the same current carrying … Read more

The service life of aluminum alloy cable

1. There are two main types of partial corrosion of conductors: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion; Chemical corrosion: refers to the corrosion of metals in the atmosphere under the action of oxygen, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases. … Read more

Safety performance of aluminum alloy cable

1. Proof of historical practice The aluminum alloy cable has been developed and used in the United States in 1968 for 44 years. The product has been widely used, and the market share of North American countries has reached 80%. … Read more

Performance of polyurethane cable

1. To truly understand the super comprehensive performance of polyurethane, we must first understand what a polyurethane cable is. Polyurethane cable refers to a cable that uses polyurethane material as insulation or sheath. Its super abrasion resistance refers to the … Read more

Advantages of aluminum alloy cable

At present, in the cable industry, copper core cables are the most well-known, and they occupy almost half of the cable market. Copper core cables have the characteristics of high strength and large current-carrying capacity. There is no doubt about … Read more

Why do wires and cables twisted

1. Different specifications and different number of copper wire according to certain order and lay twisted together, became the conductor of larger diameter A strand of the big diameter after stranded conductor than single copper wire of the same diameter … Read more

Design and Construction of ABC conductor

The insulated wire and the steel core aluminum stranded wire are in the same specification, and the current carrying capacity of the insulated wire is smaller than that of the bare wire. After the insulated wire is added with the … Read more

Laying and application of ABC cable

1 Laying method of overhead insulated wires A single conventional laying method. This erection method is to adopt the conventional cement poles, iron accessories and ceramic insulator accessories with bare conductors, and erect according to the erection method of bare … Read more

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