PVC Insulated Wire

A wire with non-conductive insulating material wrapped around the periphery of the wire, which has better insulation than ordinary wires.

Application:This product is fit for ac rated voltage 450V/750V.

Operating Temperature Range:
BV-105model not more than 105,others not more than75,installation temperature not lower than0.

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    Insulated wires are usually divided into rubber insulated wires, PVC insulated wires and rubber cables. This is the most conventional way of classification, but if we want to divide it from the detailed structure and use of insulated wires, we usually divide it into fixed laying wires, insulated flexible wires, outdoor PVC insulated wires, copper core PVC insulated installation wires, agricultural directly buried aluminum core plastic insulated plastic sheathed wires.

    PVC insulated wires and rubber insulated wires commonly used

    BVcopper core PVC hard wire
    BLValuminum core PVC hard wire
    BVRcopper core PVC cord
    BXcopper core rubber cord
    BXRcopper core rubber cord
    BXScopper double core rubber cord
    BXHcopper core rubber yarn
    BXGcopper core rubber wire
    BLXrubber cord with aluminum core
    BLXGaluminum core pierced rubber cord

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