Wire and Cables

Application of wire and cable

Power system: the wire and cable products used in power system mainly include overhead bare wire, bus bar (bus), power cable (plastic cable, oil paper power cable (basically replaced by plastic power cable), rubber sheathed cable, overhead insulated cable), branch cable, electromagnetic wire, and electrical equipment wire and cable for power equipment.

Information transmission system: the wires and cables used for information transmission system mainly include local telephone cable, television cable, electronic cable, radio frequency cable, optical cable, data cable, electromagnetic line, power communication or other composite cables.

Mechanical equipment, instrumentation system: except for overhead bare wires, almost all other products have applications, but mainly power cables, electromagnetic wires, data cables, instrumentation cables, etc.

Basic structure of wire and cable

Conductor: an object that conducts electric current. The specifications of wires and cables are expressed by the cross section of the conductor.

Insulation: the insulation material is wrapped outside the conductor with different thickness according to the requirements of its withstand voltage.

Protective layer: the part that protects the cable.

PV Cable (Solar Cable)

PV Cable & Wire (Photovoltaic Cable) main characters are Low smoke without halogen, good cold, ultraviolet, ozone – resistant and ...
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PVC Insulated Wire

PVC Insulated Wire

A wire with non-conductive insulating material wrapped around the periphery of the wire, which has better insulation than ordinary wires ...
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XHHW-2 Cable

XHHW-2 Cable

XHHW-2 aluminum cable adopts a-800 series aluminum alloy tightly pressed stranded conductor, insulation material adopts flame retardant silane cross-linked polyethylene ...
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Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized Steel Wire / Galvanized Steel Stand

Hot-dip galvanized steel wire is made with choice low carbon steel wire through wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing, ...
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